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The Conversation

The Conversation
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So I made an informal resolution this start shooting more often, whatever it takes. Hence my friend Bruce and I have been joining more field trips with my photography club. I must say that, even with the insanely early hours and out of the way locations, it has been so much fun so far.

This shot was taken at a place called "Long Pond" on the eastern side of Barbados which faces the Atlantic Ocean, rather than the Caribbean Sea. Can you believe that it is still possible to "discover" some new places and "rediscover" some forgotten ones on a tiny tropical island?

Believe it or not, I wasn't having much inspiration that morning. Well, maybe I should say, I wasn't getting that overly excited feeling that I get when I know I've taken the shot I really want. You know what I mean. I enjoyed being outdoors, but I was missing that special sense of artistic satisfaction. I was ready to just chalk that up to the early hours. That was until this happened....

Out of nowhere, some boys appeared on the beach with their horses, getting them some exercise and a quick dip. This happened really quickly. They weren't enthused to see us taking photos, but I couldn't pass up this chance. Not my usual style, I assure you. Sometimes, you ask and the "universe provides". I do wonder about those boys though. As I look at this shot, makes me wonder what they were conversing about.

Wishing you all a very good weekend, dear friends. More to come...

Camera: DSLR-A300
Shutter speed: 0.0025 sec (1/400)
Aperture: f/14
ISO setting: 200

© Nicky Highlander Photography 2014

All Rights Reserved
Date: 2014-03-23 00:13:20

Barbados Barbados Photographic Society Field Trip beach sea seascape landscape island island life horse horses Sunshine sunlight sunrise shooting against the sun Caribbean candid boys boy riders haze mist

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Oh Nicky...this shot touches the soul...I love it....instant FAV! Great shooting my friend, have a wonderful weekend!
SmithJamison1 2014-03-23 01:04:31
Looks amazing to me. Nice capture.
smiles7 2014-03-23 06:23:15
What wild surf. I like how you've given it a high-key treatment. I like the contrast between the surf's wildness and the tranquil moment suggested by the central figures.
El Cajon 2014-03-23 07:47:01
I bet the horses really enjoy being this close to the surf! It's gives one an exhilarating feeling!
Colorado Sands 2014-03-23 09:53:06
love the atmosphere here Nicole, a beautiful moment beautifully captured!
Wish you a great week ahead!
Alex L'aventurier, 2014-03-24 00:49:05
agree with @elcajon, Alex and all above.
It's really a great image Nicole and I love it the relaxed beach atmosphere it conveys.
What they are saying? i dunno but guess what boys (or men) talk about the most ;-)
Marco - MB Photography 2014-03-25 00:05:53
Important meeting at the water's edge..
abounding note 2014-03-25 05:38:10
the other side of Atlantic is sure untamed. I can feel the roaring power of the waves.
It is funny how you mention you lacked the artistic sense.
Let me tell you something Nicole, your words, thoughts and your writing more than make up for what may be missing.
In fact, i can simply read your story without any pictures. lol.
Have a great day Nicole
Mao photo.haikued 2014-03-25 09:43:43
[] Thank you so much Linda! :D I think this was one of my favourite shots from this series. More to come...
[] Wow, thank you so much dear Julie! :)
[] Thank you so much Barry! Yes, the Eastern Coast gets some pretty strong wave action (North East Trade Winds). I don't think I had much choice with the high key treatment. But I'm glad because that was the shot I wanted. THe contrasts was another major reason I loved this too.
[] Thank you so much Sandy! I believe that they did enjoy their morning exercise and dip in the ocean. :D I always imagine the horse and the raging water to be literary representations of each other. Wild and exhilarating indeed. :)
[] Thank you so much, Alex! Yes, It was something I wanted to put forward....that one moment in the middle of chaos.
[] Hello Marco! I'm glad you like it. The atmosphere on the beach was relaxed for a bit. You could be right, you know. I guess they are talking about whatever most boys that age talk about. :D
[] Thank you so much! Yes, clearly a very important meeting for all parties involved. ;)
[] Thank you so much Mao! Your words are so inspiring and encouraging to me. I'm glad that you enjoy reading as well as viewing my work. I always like to engage people who visit in more than one way.

Thank you all for your comments and faves! There is more to come in this series. The boys did come a bit closer up the beach...
Nicky Highlander Photography 2014-03-25 19:27:34
This is wonderful Nicole, it tells such a story and with beautiful light my friend, well done you :-).
Have a great weekend.
Vide Cor Meum Images 2014-03-29 07:21:27
[] Thank you so much dear Mark. The morning light was amazing that day. I figured that shooting high key was better because the sun was so high already. Have a great weekend, my friend!
Nicky Highlander Photography 2014-03-30 06:33:23
I really love your seascape image dear Nichole... hug :-)
Nick Boren Photography 2014-03-31 11:38:49
thanks for your sharing , my dear
Ming - chun ( very busy ) 2014-03-31 14:25:12
[] [] Thank you so much guys! Much appreciated indeed.
Nicky Highlander Photography 2014-03-31 19:11:48
This series is so wild. It's as if they have no life other than on this beach. Luv it.
candicewilmore 2014-04-09 10:44:57
[] Hello Candice! thank you so much! Well, it seems that way, doesn't it? Like some band of desert nomads roaming the beach? :D It most likely isn't but I do bet that this is their favourite thing in the world. Their level of enjoyment was way high. ;)
Nicky Highlander Photography 2014-04-09 20:05:39

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