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Photojournalism Sucks and How

Photojournalism Sucks and How
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I was introduced to the bullock cart race at Alibagh by my Guru the quintessential Marathi Manoos Mr Shreekanth Malushte .
He bought us here to shoot this inspirational sport, but shooting the bullock cart race was limited to panning shots.

I soon got tired and decided to shoot it headlong without fearing death, and I woulld rush into the path of the oncoming tonga or bullock cart and rush back to my spot with the crowd.

Mind you I am dressed in a dhoti, jewellery and its tough..

Through the bullock cart race I met the finest Maharashtrian family the Dhulaps.

I was introduced to the Murud Janjira race by another stalwart of photography a one man army called Anil Bhartiya..

Anil Bhartiya is a photographer unique, bursting with creativity , a great teacher but a loner at heart, he does no blow his trumpet , he loves to teach , some of the best students have come from his stable.

He is a renowned photo journalist, highly respected , and I missed him at the Bandra Idd Namaz this year.

Unlike the post modern photographers of the press carying their overblown ego along with their cameras, Anil Bhartiya is a lesson in humility.
Its sad the new press photographers have shallow mentalities and no respect for their seniors or even photo bloggers like me.

They treat photo bloggers like parasite,they want to own the universe.. their univers e the termite infested , Indian newspaper on its final journey to the Raddi shop..
MSM Rest In Peace .

I am happy I met some great photo journos like Sudharak Olwe ,KK,Nitin Sonawane , Mahender Parekh, Ashish Rane , Gautam, to name a few.

I have been harshly treated by many photo journos, but who cares a fuck...who wants a one picture stand in the Times of India,,

I am happy that my pictures touch a few people, a few days back my neigbor MR PP came and thanked me , he had never missed burning of Ravans efigy for nine years , but this time he could no go, and took darshan from my pictures at Flickr.

This is photography as an art of holistic healing.

Media pictures need to be re invented they are cliche, jarring to the eyes and heavily copied and fuck they suck....

The photo journalist needs to possess the soul of a poet, and the art of imagery as a wordless poet..

I am proud that Mr Raghu Rai chose Sudharak Olwe of Bombay Times as a photographer with a vision to the future..

A thorough humble man, Olwe who shot the Idd Namaz with a Muslim scarf on his head, he shot the Durga Pandal at Shivaji Prk dressed in red the color of the Goddess.

Yes I learn from all these people and guide the new photographer .. with the experience I have gathered through my pictorial adventures ..

I am touched by the words of Face book and an old Buzznet friend.

Michael A. Bell wrote on your Wall.
"Firoze, if you haven't considered, or done it already, I think you should create a book(s) of your photographs and poetry. I, for one, would buy one.

Thanks for sharing some ..."

I must also acknowledge another fantastic nature photographer bullock cart veteran , multi faceted Prof BW Jatkar ..yes he taught me the soul of photography embedded in the wheel of a bullock cart.

And last but not the least Dronacharya the legendary KG Maheshwari/ the last of the Mohicans of India..

I think the photoblogger has come of Age and should be given space along with the journos that populate the Indian diverse religiosity , feast and event space..

Nothing personal should hurt only if the cap fits...

Date: 2008-10-14 01:58:06

bullock cart race gudi padwa murud janjira photojournalism sucks msm RIP

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