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Tentang Agni Pratistha
| October 17, 2011, 07:51:51 PM

Miss Indonesia finally make a move from Nadine Chandrawinata to Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono, 18. Finalist of the Central Java last night crowned as Miss Indonesia 2006 in Teather Tanah Air my area of Indonesia miniature Respected ( TMII), Jakarta. Agni become Miss Indonesia is young in this time.

Besides pocketing this title, girl of birth of Canberra 8 December 1987 that also entitled to represent Indonesia to international place Miss Universe 2007. " I very happy. I not at all number," she said happy. Struggle Of Agni reach for Miss Indonesia title is long enough. Agni with 37 other finalist experience quarantine in Nikko, Hotel, Jakarta, since 15 August was last. High girl 175 cm and heavy 59 the kg also have to answer one question of key, that is expressing opinion concerning important meaning of terrestrial region and or ocean for Indonesia.

" Indonesia do not know motherland and or fatherland. Indonesia only single mentioning nation with my "land and water"," she said setled. Through the answer, Agni expressed most [is] entitled to gird auriferous crown turned white for the price of Rp 25 million the, besides getting ticket to Miss Universe 2007.
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